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Effective as of Jan 29, 2024

License Agreement

This License Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between Hayden Barnett, trading as Surge Studio, ABN 28 407 733 409 ("Licensor" or "we"), and the user ("Licensee" or "you"). This Agreement governs the use of the digital products ("Item" or "products") found available for purchase or download on the website elements.surge.studio and store.surge.studio.

In short

You are allowed to use the paid products in unlimited projects for yourself and for your clients, including commercial projects (such as websites, products, and apps), client work, and personal projects. Please be aware that free products may include parodies or remixes of intellectual property from other sources. Their use in commercial projects is at your own risk, and we assume no liability for any legal implications that may arise.

You are NOT allowed to:

Just use them in good faith and don't copy or use them in a way that is competing. We've released free products with equivalent features to our paid products in the hopes that you'll test if they are right for you before purchase.

If you have any questions regarding this license agreement, please get in touch via hayden@surge.studio before purchasing so we can clarify anything for you.

Licensing Agreement

By purchasing or downloading an Item, you are granted an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to utilize the digital work for specific uses under the conditions outlined in this Agreement.

Permitted Uses

You are licensed to use the purchased Item to create unlimited End Products for yourself or your clients. An End Product is a customized implementation of the Item, such as a unique finished application or website.

You are allowed to:

This is a 'multi-use' license, enabling you to use the Item multiple times in various projects.

Examples of usage allowed by the license:

Prohibited Uses

You are NOT allowed to:

Enforcement and Liability

The copyright of the Item is owned by Surge Studio. Any unauthorized use of the Item outside the scope of this license may result in legal action. By agreeing to this license, you agree to be financially liable for any violations, with a penalty per individual offense.

Surge Studio's liability is limited to a refund of your purchase, and we are not responsible for consequential damages related to the use of the Item.

Extending the License

If you require additional licensing options beyond the individual license, please contact us at hayden@surge.studio to discuss your specific needs. We're here to assist you in finding the most suitable arrangement for your use of the products.

Returns and Refunds Policy

For any serious issues with an Item, notify us at hayden@surge.studio within 30 days for a full refund. Refunds are not issued for changes of mind; however, if a refund is issued, you agree to delete all files within 24 hours and refrain from using the Item in any projects.

Thank you for adhering to this License Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact hayden@surge.studio before making a purchase.