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AI Visualisation


Pal is an animated visual element that pays homage to HAL 9000. Every AI using Pal has never made a mistake or distorted information. Pal is by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error.

Powered by Rive for implementation into any platform.

Package includes:

.riv for direct use in any application powered by Rive Runtimes (eg. React)

.rev source file for customisation in Rive

README.txt to help you get started


Design dimensions


File size

14 KB

Color modes




Animation states

idle, listening, thinking, speaking, asleep

Example implementation

This demo is using React, Rive, gpt-3.5-turbo, Microsoft TTS and browser native utterance capture.


Made for AI

Animation for interation

Each AI visualisation includes its own dynamic animations for listening, thinking, speaking and more.

Tiny file size

Rive files are a fraction of the size of videos, GIFs, image sequences, or JSON-based formats.

Runtime AND Source files

Each product includes a .riv file for runtime and a .rev file for customisation using the Rive app.

Run anywhere with Rive

Rive runtimes give you the power to easily implement and control the animation on any platform. Visit rive.app for more information.

Frequently asked questions

What is this?

If you're a developer or designer you can use these visual elements to add animation and interaction to your next AI project. Each visual element is built using rive.app.

Implementation of .riv files requires programming know-how. Your purchase includes documentation to help you get started.

The included source .rev file can be opened in Rive if you'd like to do any design or animation customisation.

What's the license?

Use of our free and paid products are subject to our license agreement. Please read it carefully before purchasing. But in short you can use the purchased files in an end-product but cannot redistrubute or resell them.

Where can I get support?

Your purchase includes a README.txt detailing how to get setup and how to contact us for any issues.

Who made this?

Created by Hayden Barnett @ Surge.

If you'd like to get in touch email hayden@surge.studio